Wetworks Bathrooms is a small, locally owned, family business. It was established in the Canberra Region in 2001 and draws expertise from over 20 years local building experience.

Wetworks is a low volume, high quality bathroom renovation business. It focuses on personalised service in delivering the following:
  • Complete bathroom renovations
  • Leaking shower repairs
  • Bathroom Facelifts
Wetworks aims to build a relationship of trust between the Client and the Tradesman. The Tradesman who meets with the Client to prepare a Quote is the same person who will manage the entire renovation project, and is the one point of contact for the Client.

If you are thinking about renovating that tired old bathroom or require a shower repair, give us a call and book a free quote!
Wetworks can undertake various repairs to your bathroom to give it a new lease of life and hold off that renovation for a few more years.
Some of the things we can do are...
  • Leaking shower repairs
  • Shower screen replacement
  • Vanity and tap upgrades
  • Bathroom Facelifts

Do you have a leaking shower?

You need to read this fact sheet before you......

let anyone demolish your shower
Pay for some magic fix with out removing tiles.


Asbestos is the greatest safety concern to contractors and home owners alike when it comes to renovations on homes built between 1940 and 1987.

It is my opinion, being informed, is the first and greatest precaution you can take regarding this misunderstood danger.

Click here to find out about asbestos dangers when renovating
Wetworks has developed Policies to reflect a high quality, low volume bathroom renovation service aimed to ensure total Client satisfaction.

When undertaking any work within your home, you will experience some inconvenience and disruption to your usual routine. Nevertheless, we believe that installing a new bathroom should be an enjoyable experience, and we aim to minimise the impact on your family and home by adhering to the following Policies:
  • Quotations are clear and comprehensive, detailing all allowances
  • Wetworks ensures continuity of work, generally undertaking one job at a time. This ensures that your bathroom takes priority at all times, and is completed within a realistic timeframe.
  • Floor protection is used from point of entry to the bathroom.
  • All other trades will be met on site by Wetworks.
  • All rubbish to be stored in a hopper.
  • All mess cleaned up at the end of each day..
Environmental Policies:
Chris Williams, the Principle of Wetworks Bathrooms is concerned about the impact that domestic renovation work can have on the environment. He has work methods in place to minimise the impact that his Business has on our environment, some of which include:

  • All motor vehicles used by Wetworks are powered by at least 80% Bio-diesel
  • At least 90% of all cardboard packing gets recycled
  • Any salvageable building materials are reused or recycled
  • All new installations of fittings are WELL’s approved
  • Low voltage LED down lights or fluorescent lighting are encouraged in all bathrooms
  • All asbestos is removed and disposed of by a Licenced Contractor.

Wetworks Bathrooms is a small, locally owned, family business. It was established in the Canberra Region in 2001 and draws expertise from over 20 years local building experience.
The principle of Wetworks Bathrooms, Chris Williams started his working life in the construction industry as a bricklayer. Almost 10 years Bricklaying was more than enough and a move from construction to the renovation industry happened by way of ceramic tiling to small renovation work then on to government bathroom renovations. Soon after, in 2001 he started WetWorks Bathrooms and moved wholly into the private bathroom renovation industry
The collection of various tradespeople that have been working with Wetworks over the years have been selected for their high standards and dedication to providing quality results. Most of the trades used by Wetworks have been with him over 10 years.
Chris Williams
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ACT 2906 Australia